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About This Project

What did we do?

We suggested the client create a new blog. Our innovation department designed and programmed it, and we put it online.


The goal of the blog is to entertain, inform and train while raising the profile of DIA products away from corporatism.


In two and a half years of blog life, we have managed to position the blog as a benchmark in the world of supermarkets with cleaning tricks, recipes, advice focused on home and family and fashion and beauty.


In just four days it achieved more than 12,000 visits in just one post.


The success of the post is due to the optimisation of the content following an SEO strategy, choosing interesting and topical content and, finally, to an adequate dissemination and viralisation of the articles written.


So that our followers do not miss anything published in our blog, we created a newsletter in April 2015. Users can register at the blog itself. The number of registered users has been increasing gradually.


In order to increase the number of users we have used different strategies in blog posts such as contests and special promotions. In addition, in the blog we encourage conversation with users, through questions where they themselves have a space to share their experiences and tips.


In this way, we created a more interactive blog.


Through the blog, we make several links to the products that DIA sells in its online supermarket, thus promoting the purchase and knowledge of new products.


Contents marketing, Marketing de contenidos, SEO