El Corte Inglés - Internet Republica
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El Corte Inglés

About This Project


Initial situation


We started El Corte Inglés SEO at the end of 2013.

What We Do?


We integrate SEO in the processes of the web, especially in the development of it and in the definition of its architecture and contents. In addition, we became the SEO team of El Corte Inglés, with a group of consultants dedicated 100% to the project.




Currently the website shows an increase in SEO traffic close to 75% compared to the beginning of the project.


We have achieved the 1st position in Google for the “keyword headtail” with the highest volume of searches and whose competence is very high. Top 3 positions for the main categories and brands sold by El Corte Inglés.


An important job of SEO-SEM integration has been carried out, which has meant a reduction in SEM investment without increasing investment in SEO.


SEO visibility of the website has increased significantly, reaching 29th place in the ranking of websites with the most SEO visibility on Google.es.


Currently the WEBSITE has become the 2nd commercial centre in Spain, in 27th position when we started the project.