Jazztel - Internet Republica
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About This Project

What did we do?

Globally, the goal of this project was to track the brand on the internet (social networks, mass media, blogs, forums and webs) to detect the indirect mentions that Jazztel could not identify itself.

These indirect mentions that were not detected included references to the company by a misspelled name (e.g. Jaztel, Jazttel or Jaztell).

During this project, we collected over one million mentions in the course of two years. These mentions were analysed and reported to the brand so that the marketing and customer service department could improve their services.

The customer service department was informed in real time about the cases detected, so that they could be sorted out quickly. This action, together with the regular reporting, helped Jazztel improve its customer service quality, addressing all the requests it got on the Internet. The reply rate on social networks was also increased, solving issues quickly. This led Jazztel to rank as the telephone company that answered users more quickly, according to a study of 2015 by SocialBakers.

What is more, these mentions were analysed quantitatively and qualitatively to grasp how users felt.

Online reputation