Mapfre - Internet Republica
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About This Project


Initial situation

At the beginning of 2018, the corporate digital marketing direction of Mapfre needed to have more resources to implement an SEO process in each of the countries in which the company has presence with some of its brands, currently 30 countries.

What We Do?

Make available to Mapfre a team of SEO consultants with native English-speaking members who joined the Mapfre SEO team.

Among the works carried out by this team are: training webinars, on page audits, local SEO, infographics and creation and management of scorecards.

All this for each of the countries, making the documents in English, Spanish and Portuguese, the official languages of the company.



It has been achieved that the digital marketing departments of each country have more present SEO within their strategies, obtaining very positive results in the countries that have advanced most in their implementation.