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About This Project

When facing an online reputation crisis, you have to carry out a detailed strategic analysis based on what factors are resulting in a real prejudice for the brand’s image of the company. After this analysis, you have to define hot spots, strengths of the brand, and a range of actions that will be taken into account. Here we have three different types of strategy. You can base your strategy on listening to users and open up a controlled dialogue with satisfied customers. You can choose to minimize the noise generated. Or you can make use of ranking and pushing back negative results on search engines.


Admitting the problem

If there really is a problem with your product or company, it is important to admit it.

  • If you act too defensively or positively in face of what users comment about the brand on the web, this will not work. On the internet, only 10% of users create content. These users tend to have an extreme profile in their opinions and views. It is a revolutionary profile.


  • It is important to open a channel where you are willing to accept the problem. Use social engineering techniques to turn down the dramatism and create a new point of view.


  • Our working model consists of ranking neutral or positive results above the negative results. This helps so that the search results that the customer does not want to see on Google for that search, are ranked outside the top 10 or top 20, and they end up hidden from the search as a result.