Difference between community manager and social media manager

Since social networking became a job many new terms have come out to refer to those who work in them. But there are two terms that define in particular the social media professionals: Community Managers and Social Media Managers. These are two professions that work on different things.

The increasing demand of professionals in social networks has derived in daily job offers looking for a community manager or social media manager. However, on reading the tasks to carry out, we come across some things that do not make sense.

The confusion about the responsibilities and tasks assigned to each of them, we will now clarify the difference betweena a community manager and social media manager.

What does a community manager do?

The community manager or CM of brand is the person behind the answers it provides on the different profiles. The main task they have is to interact with the public, generate conversation on the different social profiles and keep the interaction going. He or she literally manages the community, so they must know which users to interact with, who to take more care of, and who is more interesting to persuade, especially since influencers are setting the trends on social media.

community manager

A CM is the eyes and ears of a brand, and therefore they have to be aware of all what customers or users are saying on the social networks. And because it is also the first line of the brand on social networks, the CM has direct interaction with the users to improve the engagement.

What does a social media manager do?

As opposed to a community manager, a social media manager needs not interact directly with the followers. Their main task is to define the strategy of the brand on social networks, to every level. It is like a director of a movie, and is in charge of the design, creation and programming of the content, as well as organizing competitions or deciding on what networks the brand will be present.

The social media manager is responsible for implementing a digital strategy and make it real.

social media manager

As the person in charge of the digital strategy, the CM focuses a lot on increasing the statistics by providing interesting content and catchy actions. The CM is particularly concerned about keeping the flow in the brands’ channels and make them grow together with the users. Do not leave anyone behind!

Can you be both a community manager and a social media manager?

Of course you can! But bear in mind that they are totally different jobs with unmixable goals. From the perspective of the brand, when hiring somebody you have to bear in mind its needs: do you need somebody that interacts and chats with users? Hire a good CM. Is the brand lost somewhere in the social media world and you do not know where to start? A social media manager can help you define the steps and make the channels grow.

Things clear, and social networks ready! Now that you can tell the difference: what job do you find more interesting?

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