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Friendly Branding, a very nice concept


We already know what Branding is, but if we apply an adjective to it, like “friendly”, it can become a way to create a very nice image for the brand.


And we also know that brands tend to search for a connection with people, attempting to create a positive and friendly bond. And, if it works well, over time it could take us to the concept of Brand Love. Because we know that many relationships have been forged from what started as a friendship, right?


But, before taking this step, as we said, there is a lot of ground that needs to be covered in the area of marketing strategy. Brands have to differentiate themselves in order to win people over. This is because we’re seeing this concept of friendly in many products. Doing the same thing as your competitors is not going to help you win friends.


This brings to mind many examples of brands which create presentations of their products using animation to tell their story. These tend to be simple and entertaining, and what they are trying to do is transmit their humanity. They want everything to appear more personal and more human in order to bring back some of the faith in large companies and, with that, trust in them.


We have clear examples with the telephone companies. The strategy followed by Movistar, Orange, and Vodafone are almost identical. Real images, lifestyle, or catchy songs. But, following a different path, there are two that from their inception have tried to get into our heads using a strategy that is closer to being “friendly”. This is the case with Yoigo and Lowi. The first one focused on showing a happy image with people created in 3D but, above all,  using powerful copy. Then Lowi arrived, which also used animation but simpler ones with cool layouts, trying to transmit tenderness and closeness this way. You are certainly familiar with both and they have managed to somehow stay in our heads.


This concept can also be expressed very well using social media, for example on Instagram. The brands are trying to show products on their profiles in a way which is attractive and original. Let’s look at some examples:



This is a tool which allows you to send your files to any part of the world. It was founded in 2009 and since then has centered its image around creative ideas. In fact, they have created a blog to give voice to all these creative people in various disciplines such as music, illustration, art or design. The blogs tell the back stories of the creations and the stories of their creators.



This is one of the clearest examples. Far from the image they present to us, this is a technology which is not very accessible for most people, – i.e., data storage in the cloud. It’s very necessary but more than anything it has zero attractiveness and, if you are not familiar with it, it can end up being complicated. But it was born with a look and feel which is very powerful and appealing, with personalized animation. They also now show real photographs which creates a strong impact.




It’s true that their product is only cookies, but at the end of the day they have figured out  how to play the game like nobody else. They have been able to integrate them into scenes which are somewhere between reality and fiction. It’s a fun way to reach people through their products, inviting them to make their own creations using Oreo cookies.


For sure you too know of an example. So confess! Is there a brand that has won your heart?


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