Happy 10th Anniversary, Internet Republic

The evolution of Internet Republic


When we created Internet República, we did it with the conviction that creation of a new kind of agency was possible. Neither better nor worse, but different from the other ones. 

It may seem obvious now, but ten years ago it was strange to think about an agency specialized mostly in digital matters, and more specifically, in search engines and social media.

We were striving to be a small company, with fifteen employees at the most, because we didn’t want to lose that rebellious and innovative spirit. We were afraid that growing our numbers could mean dispersing and losing that degree of specialization that we wanted to always have.

 Maintaining the culture in a growing team is one of the challenges of any company. Helping your team grow while developing new skills is one of the risks of becoming a more generalist agency, another one of those agencies that does 360º marketing. I have never really understood that termin, since we are actually assuming that if you rotate 360 degrees, you will end up in the same place… Right?

And now, ten years later and with a hundred employees in our ranks, our challenge is to maintain the same level of commitment to our customers, the same commitment we had when we were only five people working with huge enthusiasm (more than actual business knowledge).

Agencies excel at selling talents, and we know how difficult it is to sell something intangible and making clientes really appreciate it, which is why the success of our company is 100% thanks to the people who are part of this group. I am out of words because thanks to all of us, we have brought this agency here. Those who are here now and those who have left on a different path are the architects of these few past wonderful ten years.

I really want to thank my team and I trust that we will continue to produce an amazing “Marketing from another Galaxy…” 


 Ismael El-Qudsi

CEO of Internet Republic


Let’s make 10 more years possible!! 💪🏻

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Internet República

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