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Here’s What You Need to Hide From Facebook

You’ve been told many times and in many ways that there is certain information which you should not post on Facebook.  Social networks are a great forum where we can share all kinds of content, which is what lets us create a personal brand online.


Here, we are going to review some of the things which we recommend that you not publish on your Facebook page.  You may find that you have already adopted some undesirable habits.


Phone Number


Although Facebook does ask for your phone number “for security reasons”, the only thing that this accomplishes is to make your privacy more vulnerable.  Facebook does not need your phone number for any reason.


Be Careful With Your Pictures


Unless you have an exceptionally strong privacy configuration, which is not easy to set up, it is recommended that you avoid publishing certain images, such as those that show you and your friends drunk at a party one night.


It’s only common sense, but a lot of people don’t realize this. These are photos   which can end up in the hands of your future employer.  Think about this:   as much as you configure your privacy settings on your Facebook page at the highest levels, the mere fact that you are posting something on a social network already implies that, potentially, this content is being uploaded to a global network:  the Internet.  Thus, you cannot control where you post ends up.  If it is on the Internet, you cannot hide it from Facebook.


If you are reading this and you realize that you have too many of these pictures  already posted, you can do one of two things:  either erase them one by one, or else configure your privacy settings on your profile in order to filter who can and cannot see them.


Remove Your Date of Birth


We all like to receive happy birthday wishes on our birthday, but this information can be used by cyber criminals for identity theft.  Therefore, we recommend that you not include this in your biography.  Or, at least invent a birth date.


Pay Attention to Your Location Services


Try not to use Location Services too often on your devices.   Do you really want people to know where you are on a certain day and at a certain time?


We need to be careful about how we use our technology.  In the same way, we should not send notices to Foursquare indicating where we are, where we came from and where we are going.  The NSA already has plenty of tools to access your private life if they want to.  It is fine to be altruistic, but we need to be especially careful about our information.


Also, if you are publishing content from a different location than your usual one (your home), this can let people know that your house is empty.  Be careful about this.


Your Boss on Facebook


There are networks which focus more on business professionals, such as Twitter or LinkedIn, and these are better networks to invite your boss than Facebook.  You probably get along well with your superior, which is great, but unless circumstances are such that the person who was your lifetime friend is now your boss, in general it is better to keep your private life and your personal life well separated.


You can also have two accounts on Facebook and focus one from a professional point of view.  In this case, it could make sense to add contacts from your work as if this were LinkedIn.


Look this advice over and let us know what additional ideas you have to protect your privacy on Facebook.

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