How brands have joined ‘May the 4th’ on Twitter

Yesterday the world celebrated “May the 4th” to commemorate Star Wars, one of the most influential movie sagas in history. May the 4th is a reference to “May the force be with you.”

In case you were still wondering, we are sort of fans of this saga (but just a little bit). But we also love Social Media, so we like to see how some Spanish brands join this day via their social profiles to profit from the virality of the international hashtag #MayThe4thBeWithYou.

Many brands did something traditional: a picture of a character from Star Wars in their products. This was the case of Spanish pizza chain Telepizza, for example:

Starbucks did something similar with a GIF that turned a Frapuccino into a lasersaber:

Spotify went a step further using the soundtrack of Episode IV so that John William’s music joined the forced:

Others like El Corte Inglés reminded people that they have a dedicated profile for customer support. They did this in a very appropriate tone for this galactic day:

Other brands made use of this day to promote their services, which seems natural. Movistar called out for a junior public with the help of Disney, and reminded its followers that DisneyXD would broadcast several Star Wars specials:

The home delivery catering company La Nevera Roja launched a discount for that day. This is very useful if, like us, its followers planned a movie marathon…