How to get links for your website

Linkbuilding is perhaps the great forgotten of SEO strategies. There are many factors to take into account for linkbuilding to give an additional help to your strategy so that your webpage ranks better than your competitors’. A key factor is getting quality links that redirect to your webpage. It is no longer a matter of having many links – Google prefers less of them but relevant.

This may be the hardest task to carry out, because it is not under our control, but under the people who mention our brand or keyword. But how can we know that someone has mentioned us in a blog, a piece of news or a web? For them, tools are aplenty: Google alerts are a good free option to get email alerts of the keywords we want and which we will bet for. Another option which is partly free of charge is Mention: this is the best mentions tool, free of charge, which after registering enables you to activate an alert for the keyword we want to do crawling for on the internet. If we want to create more alerts there are different options in exchange for a subscription.

Precios Mention

After we have located the mention to our website or brand, then comes the difficult part: ask the person who mentioned us to include a link. Communication is normally quite easy and done via email, asking the contact on the web to please add a link to our website, because this enriches the text and both he/she and we will benefit. This depends a lot on the reputation of the brand or the web from which the link is got. Brands that seem friendly have more chances to be linked than those that are not very popular.

Another inconvenient we can come across is passiveness. Many people will not answer the email we have sent if there is no money involved. Do not take this as something personal. These practices are regular. We always find nice and rude people, be it at work, on the street or among our friends. The same goes for the world of getting links.

The metrics to know the quality of a site where we can ask for the link are various. The famous page rank is what most users look at, but Google announced weeks ago that it would not update this metric any more, so we have to find alternatives to check the quality of sites. The domain authority by Moz or the trust by Majestic are two guiding metrics to know if the web where we want to insert the link has enough authority to please Google. It is better to have a few good ones, than many bad ones. That is how Google wants it.

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