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How To Use Polling in Instagram Stories

Instagram never stops.  And not only because it already has more than 800 million active profiles, but because it never stops offering new features and updates.   The latest arrival is Polling inside Instagram Stories.  But what does this mean for brands?   How can they take advantage of this?  Let’s read on and find out.


Within the interminable strategic details of social networks and content, many companies are overlooking the power of Insta-Stories.  Some discard them because of their fleeting lifespan.   The content which was created will disappear in 24 hours.  But this is precisely the strength of Stories.  They bring value for their followers, who have to be attentive and active in order to participate. The strategies and campaigns used in Stories should be based on this.


And if you are worried about their visibility, keep in mind that you can now see Stories in the browser version and even share them on Facebook!


How does polling work in Instagram Stories


Polling can be found on the stickers panel, once you take or select a photograph.  It’s as easy as clicking on the option and writing the question.  Then, hit “YES” or “NO” to make a change.  And that’s it!  Send it and wait for your followers to reply.


But do keep in mind that the results are also fleeting.  After 24 hours, you won’t know who voted for what.  You need to take screen shots!  


Market Study


The basic purpose of Polling is to find out what people think.   Just like some users  use Questions to see which hair style people like better, companies can get interesting insights with Polling, even though they can only add two options.


Have you recently done a brainstorming session on new flavors?  Consult your followers on this instantly, even if it’s not very official.    That way, at least you won’t end up with snacks with “roasted chicken” as the new flavor.

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We can end the debate: Blue and black | Gold and white



Getting into more creative terrain, Polling can be another tool in a transmedia campaign.


It’s another way of communicating which we should keep in mind in order to help a brand or a campaign.  Especially if we incorporate it as a main pillar, and not just as a detail.    It empowers interaction with your followers and a feeling of belonging, giving them the power of decision making.   Instead of passively consuming content, they can take a more active role and help define the path which your social media should follow.


The Human Factor


Stories are an opportunity to show a different side of your company.  They aren’t going to be there representing your brand for posterity.  They can help show the day to day in the office and bring followers closer to your employees, showing the more human side of your company.


Polling can also help create a feeling of closeness, letting people feel like they are  inside the company.  Who brought the most delicious treats?  What do people think about the new motivational phrase?




If Manuel Bartual (a Spanish cartoonist) had only had this!  Take advantage of all the potential by creating a Story which hooks your followers, who can also be participants in your Story.


Plan a story about yourself or your products which takes place over several days.  The users will be the ones who decide how it evolves.  It’s a daily reminder of you, which hooks people and gains their loyalty.


Can you think of another application?  Let us know what your ideas are in the Comments section!

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