How will changes in Google AdWords affect SEO

Impacto SEO de los cambios en Google AdWords

During the past weeks a lot has been said about the changes made by Google which now allow up to 4 ads on AdWords, deleting all the ads that used to appear on the right side. This place is now only for Google Shopping ads (if there are at least 4 available).

Ejemplo de búsqueda con 4 anuncios y Google Shopping

Many analyses have been made about the impact of these changes from the point of view of the advertiser. But what impact will all this have on SEO? To try and shed some light on this, at Internet República we made a study to measure the impact of these changes on the organic results.

How was the study carried out?

The point of departure is that not in all the searches will there be 4 ads before the organic results, and the ads from Google Shopping will only come up if the search is in fact a product. This means that the main businesses concerned about this change are from e-commerce.

Bearing this in mind, to gauge how these changes have affected the CTRs of the organic results, we need to use a set of keywords for products sold online with a very high competition ratio on AdWords. Another requirement for this study was that our data did not change the average position for the keyword, since it is crucial to exclude those variations that come motivated by a change in position.


The conclusions are as expected: the SEO CTR decreases globally and average of 14.49%. The fall is greater as we go down on the search rankings:

1st place: -10,98%
2th place: -19,98%
3th place: -12,71%
4th place: -38,9%
6th place: +5,52%
7th place: -22,44%
8th place: -13%

Therefore, we can say that these new changes make it indispensable to be on the first SEO position for this kind of search, as it is the least affected by them.

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