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In SEO it is frequent to forget something as basic as the internal linkbuilding, even knowing the effect of getting automatic links from external pages to our website. Internal linking is not only useful to improve the user experience of the web providing users a better way of getting around it, but it also helps indexing contents and can boost the ranking through the transmission of authority from some pages to others.

If we have some pages that are not performing as expected and we want to boost them without resorting to linkbuilding in other pages, we can do it via our own site. The goal is to find relevant pages inside our website that feature the keyword we want to use as anchor text, and then consider their authority to create better links to the site. In order to achieve this, we must follow these steps:

Select the words we want for our ranking

We take the list of keywords we want for our ranking and we manage them with a ranking tool like WebCEO, Ranktracker or any other you like.

Then we take the words that we think can make an important change, e.g. keywords from the main page, no higher than third in the ranking, with a high volume of queries and not very much competition. We can choose words for which we have landing pages already created, or if we think that the opportunity is good but we do not have content yet, we can create a specific landing for a keyword.

Create a personalized filter on Screaming Frog

Once we have selected the keywords and the landings, we use the “Custom” functionality of Screaming Frog as follows: Configuration / Custom / Search. We will find this chart:

custom search screaming frog

We include one of the selected words for each filter and we launch the tool (it is not necessary to fill all the filters).

For instance, if on Internet República we wanted to add a new category for the blog about “email marketing” and rank this term, we would have to launch the tool using a customized filter so that it would find the term “email marketing” inside our blog:

email marketing

Four of the URLs on display refer to articles, so I choose these because they contain the biggest amount of text:


TIP: If we have made a customized filter on Screaming Frog and we decide to change the words, we need to launch the tool again so that it performs the crawling again.

Choose the landing with highest authority to include the internal linking

In order to choose in which URL to include link, we can use a tool such as Open Site Explorer, for example, so we can see their authority:

open site explorer

Although it is not easy to appreciate in the image above, the URL with the highest authority is:, so the link will be put here. As we can see, there is text under “the eMail marketing, or e-marketing, is one of the most advanced techniques of online marketing”, so we will use “eMail marketing” as anchor text.

TIP: The best way to index a new landing is to get a link to it. Therefore, this good practice can be used to help index the new contents.

Difficulty level: medium-low.

Tags: SEO.

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