Indexing a Google page in 5 minutes

Most people familiar to SEO already know about this feature by Google Search Console (GSC), but for those who do not, it is a very interesting tool to help Google index a webpage that we have created in a matter of minutes (or index it again if it has been modified).

The process is very simple, and it starts by logging in to our Google Search Console account.

Go to Crawling > Fetch as Google

Fetch as Google

You will see a box to type in the URL that Google shall crawl. For example:


We do not include the domain because it is already incorporated onto the tool. We can only index content from a domain of which we are “in control” via GSC.

Fetch as Google (2)


If everything goes according to plan, you will see a list with the history of URLs to be sent to the index we have just informed about.

Submit to index

Click on the button and you will see a screen where you have to choose if you want to crawl only the requested URL or also all its direct links.
Choose submit method

We will normally choose “Crawl only this URL”, where there is a limit set to 500 URL a month.

The other option can be used if, for instance, we launch a new listing page and we want that the different files linked from the listing are indexed quickly, so that we do not have to inform about each and every one.

We will be interested in sending only URLs that have been created (or modified). Otherwise we would not be making the most out of this tool.

Partial submission

Once the submission is complete, Google will index it in a matter of minutes, as we can see on the following screenshots.

Note that the only purpose of this tool is to perform the indexing. You need to let some time go by before it can rank the keywords we are interested in.

Therefore, when you verify if the URL has been indexed, it is recommendable to search by the exact title in quotation marks or by the URL.

Here you can see an exact search by title to check if it is indexed.

url_enviada_indice_0And another search that contains part of the title, which ranks under a piece of news.


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