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Ismael El-Qudsi, CEO at Internet República, talked at a conference in the last Web Congress 2015 about the new marketing trends in social networks. This week the event organizers uploaded a video of his talk, which you can watch at the end of this post. What did El-Qudsi talk about?

He has first-hand experience about the evolution and trends of social media in the United States, where has lived for over a year already. Ismael highlighted the importance of mobile today, stating that “In Chile Twitter is the medium, in Mexico people use the internet on their mobile and not at home because they spend almost two hours from home to work.”

The conference focused on the big trends we can find in social networks and how to make the most of them. He referred to trends such as mobile, scommerce, social video, real-time marketing, anonymity, client support and branded content. These are items that everybody has heard of, but not all are clear about them.

El-Qudsi emphasized the special relevance smartphones have today, where “in Spain mobile telephones have a market penetration of 107%, which means that there are more telephones than people.”

To Ismael the trend that is bursting onto the scene is clearly social video, that is, a mix of video and social content. In fact, he said that “YouTube is the second search engine in the world after Google.”

He also stressed the importance of “real time” as something key for companies. Moreover, he talked about the example of the company Domino’s: “In a technology event, a user tweeted that he or she had 1,600 followers and asked Domino’s for a free pizza, and short after came a guy with a pizza. That is what happens when your community manager is working on real time.”

On the other hand, Ismael insisted on the 3 factors to improve client service using social media. First of all, you have to make the brand feel humane, not only providing answers to good comments but also the bad ones. It is crucial to always reply and use hashtags to put conversations into groups.

Secondly, the conference also featured the importance of influencers and celebrities on social networks. Ismael emphasized that advertising is no longer working like before: “People don’t believe in it. In the US 76% of people don’t believe in advertisements, which is why there are more and more platforms where brands pay famous people to tweet about them.”

Last of all, Ismael referred to Internet Republica’s own platform, This is an innovative tool for social advertising that puts companies (advertisers) and influencers in contact to spread messages on social media (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube…). It is a way for influencers to benefit from their social profiles, and for brands it is a means to use the social channels as speakers for their advertising campaigns.

Here is a link to the full talk. Feel free to watch it:

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