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When to Bid (or not) in SEM Campaigns

Search marketing needs to consider the overlapping strategies for SEO and SEM, joining their actions  in order to meet their shared objectives.  As we have discussed in our blog, this is sometimes complicated because brands distribute their investments by channel using specialized agencies.  The challenge...

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encuestas instagram stories

How To Use Polling in Instagram Stories

Instagram never stops.  And not only because it already has more than 800 million active profiles, but because it never stops offering new features and updates.   The latest arrival is Polling inside Instagram Stories.  But what does this mean for brands?   How can they take...

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Phising: fishing for victims

The buying habits of consumers have evolved significantly over the past decades.  In the 80’s, consumers bought at traditional stores.  In the 90’s, franchises started to growing and by the year 2000 anything a consumer could possibly need could be found at a single point...

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urls seo friendly

Defining URLs for SEO

The theme of SEO-friendly URLs for organic positioning isn’t something new in the industry.  In fact, we’ve been talking about it for some time in our blog, under How to optimize a URL for SEO.   Nevertheless, the structure of URL’s is one of the fundament factors...

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busquedas por voz

Voice activated searches are coming on strong

SEO is based on a constant updating.  Before, all this was oriented towards desktops.  But suddenly what we call “mobile first” has appeared and now it has changed everything.  Before, we always worked with written searches.  But now these searches can also be spoken.  That...

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place branding

Place Branding

  Today we want to talk to you about place branding. Even if English is not your first language, you’ll know what we are referring to. Or at least you’ll have an intuition about it, given the title of this piece.   Tourism, for example, at the national...

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