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Chatbots: Understand Their Importance

  Artificial intelligence is ever more present in our lives.  We use it much more than we think, even though we’re not aware of it.   Have you ever gone into a search engine and a chat has popped up asking how it can it help you?  This...

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novedades whatsapp

Here’s the latest news about WhatsApp

  The popular instant messaging app WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is going to incorporate some new features in the way they handle messages, among other things. Want to know more? Then keep reading. What's new The app has now taken another step forward in its continual process of...

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whatsapp recula con sus estados

WhatsApp Backtracks with Its New Status

  What do you think of WhatsApp’s new status feature? It looks like this function is going to have to be modified, barely one week after its launch, because the users don’t like it.   In fact, many users began to miss the implementation of the old status from...

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twitter momentos

Twitter Moments: What are they?

    If you are one of those people who doesn’t miss a thing on social media and you are constantly  updating your accounts, and you are pending everything that is being said, then for sure you have seen a new tab show up in Twitter, which...

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marketing de contenidos

Trends in Content Marketing

  We are already nearly one month into 2017 and you have certainly read on more than one site that this is the year when, if you want to position your brand and make yourself heard, a bet on content marketing is the winning bet.   But, What...

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