Estructura SEO de un post

SEO structure of a post

When ranking a page under the search results, content is crucial. But this content becomes critical when we talk about articles for a blog, where the content becomes its reason for being. Therefore, at Internet República we want to help you with this, for which we have prepared the keys to generate the SEO structure of a post.

You have to bear in mind that the most important thing when writing articles is that they sound natural. Over optimization and writing for search robots are totally unadvisable. But if we can add up common sense and the advices we bring you here, we will be creating content of quality for both the users as for appearing under the search results.

What does the structure of my posts have to be like?

  • First and foremost, this is not a one-time task, but it has to be repeated along time. The strength of a blog or a web of contents is the sum of them all, not the creation of just one perfect post.
  • Like on any kind of structure, we need to know what it is like. For this we have to follow an inverted pyramid scheme, where the most important is on the upper part, while the least relevant part stays on the bottom.
  • Metatags (URL, Title, H1, H2, etc.) have to follow the order we talked about on the previous paragraph. If we do not follow or keep an order, the ranking of our SEO content will go down compared to our competitors’.
  • When we are clear about the keyword we are going to write, it has to feature on the first introductory paragraph. We can repeat it, but always following the “inverted pyramid”, using it rather on the upper part and trying to avoid it at the end.
  • We have to include synonyms and related keywords, so we will have a higher semantic relevance, which will bring the possibility to optimize the “inverted pyramid”. Moreover, the related keywords will help us complete those blank spaces where the repetition of the main keyword or a synonym is no longer relevant.
  • Writing is not everything. Therefore, the structure we have prepared includes other elements. There is no problem in including advertisements, interaction buttons, social networks, author information… You can include them all as long as the SEO structure is right.
  • Include images and/or videos, but look out for their “alt” tags. Optimize this audio visual content including the main keywords and synonyms, but do not abuse them. Be direct and describe in as few words as possible the image or video.

Here you can see in detail an example mock-up where you can check out what we have talked about in this article, as well as other things. If you are interested in this topic, you can also check out “What should a Landing Page SEO be like” to find out a series of useful tips for creating this kind of pages.

Estructura SEO post

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