SEO tips for YouTube

In this post we will talk about some SEO tips for YouTube that however well-known and documented they are, in many cases people still fail to apply:

Video title

YouTube provides space for up to 100 characters, but the most recommendable figure is around 60. If we want visitors to get to the video via Google, it would be interesting to add “Video about…” at the beginning of the title. If the video is accessed directly from YouTube you can skip that: nobody types ‘video’ in the YouTube search bar.

The title can have a call to action like “How to position your video on YouTube”. This is catchy and helps have users clicking and watching it.

YouTube gives more importance to the first words, just like it happens in titles on the web, so it is here where you should put those words you are more interested in (related to the content of the video).


Up to 750 words or 4,500 characters.

It is advisable that the description be original and not a paste from other contents of the web. Another advice is that if the video is not very long it includes a transcription of the content under the description.

In most cases the description’s potential is underused. It is recommendable that the first 140 or 150 characters show the most important information, but not limit the description to this. As we said before, there can be more content.

All this content is indexed by Google.


People normally do not pay attention to tags, but it is important to include those that refer to the video and its content. We advise you not to add tags that do not refer to your content just for the sake of earning visitors. The words chosen as tags should also be included in the description (or at least synonyms).

YouTube allows up to 500 characters for tags.

File name

It is recommended that the file name to be uploaded on YouTube contains the most important keywords: it is better to name the file something like “” rather than “”


It is interesting to choose as a miniature a frame where we can clearly see the content and that results visually attractive so that it calls for a click.

Viewing time

An aspect that affects the ranking a lot is the viewing time. YouTube gives a higher value to the time that a user spends watching the video rather than the number of clicks it gets, which is more like a rebound rate. Many videos have a lot of visits, but if the user stops watching it after a few seconds that means that the video did not relate to the initial search, so the video loses positions for that search.

In line with this, we recommend that videos last no more than 2 or 2:30 minutes.

Comments, Like and Share

Videos with a lot of comments and likes and which are widely shared tend to improve their ranking.

In comments it is recommendable to answer as quickly as possible to engage in conversation and help the ranking.


This post is for basic SEO level.

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