SocialPubli: the new platform for social marketing

Did you know?

Just a few days ago, on Thursday, April 9th, we took one of the most important steps since we created our iRepública. We are talking about the launch of SocialPubli: a new social marketing platform, accessible for all and conceived to create ties between those who want to promote their business (advertisers) and those in charge of promoting it (influencers).

Many times it is difficult to make noise in social networks – SocialPubli is here to help you. We take you the pressure off and make the work for you.

What is it and what is it for?

SocialPubli is an online platform, a marketplace and a tool (you name it) that gathers influencers to help advertisers promote their campaigns on social networks and increase their online presence.

Therefore, anybody can be an advertiser. As for influencers, the name says it: they are individuals, with very active profiles on social networks that work as a medium between the business and the target. Our influencers include many of the most relevant experts on all kinds of field: from technology to fashion, food, sport, economy and even movies.

Who wins?

Everybody wins here.

If you are and advertiser, independently of your business, we have professionals that make marketing for you. Depending on your features, you can select your favourite influencers. If they also want to work with you, they will promote your campaigns to transmit the message you like. Let their influence play the magic.

If you are an influencer… Take it easy! We know that words are your tools and we take this into account. Your activities on social networks are paid just for being who you are. Easy, is it not?

Additionally, you will choose the advertisers you want to work with. If they have chosen you too, green light to revolutionise networks! First use Twitter, and later resort to Instagram and Facebook.

Remember that the more active you are on social networks and the higher your online presence is, users will expect more from you, but your benefits will be higher.

We could not think of a better union. You know, we like killing two birds with one stone…

As part of the launch, if you join now you will get 50 dollars in your account. What are you waiting for to sign up? Click here to sign up as an influencer and here to sign up as advertiser. Let social advertising begin!

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