What is SocialReacher?

It facilitates the employees and partners who already admire your company to be able to share this with all their friends, using their social networks.


There is nothing more credible that someone who knows the company from the inside and who voluntarily wants to share their pride of belonging and their passion for the company.

What do we do?

We facilitate the employees and partners, who already admire their company, to be able to share this with all their friends, through their social networks.

Register and personalize your panel

Once you go into SocialReacher, inside your account you can define your brand colors, as well as your logo or corporate image.

Invite your collaborators

You can define categories for your collaborators. These categories will serve as a filter when it comes time to select who you want to communicate your messages.

Create incentives

Create an incentive to motivate them to publish your messages. You can associate these incentives with specific communications when you are creating the message.

Create the message

Create a message which you want your collaborators to share, selecting images, hashtags, and text for the social network of your choice.