The best Twitter accounts to be up to date in marketing

Las mejores cuentas de Twitter para estar al da en marketing


Today we bring you the best Twitter accounts (in Spanish) we can follow to keep up to date with the latest news in marketing.

We have come across five heavily followed accounts that you shall not miss if you want to be a true expert in the field. These accounts are those of Marketing Directo,, Marketing Hoy, and tweeter Juan Carlos Mejía.

Marketing Directo

In the first place we have Marketing Directo (@MkDirecto). If we look at its Twitter profile description, it is “the leading site for information about marketing, advertising, media and new techonologies.” Adding up a total of 314,000 followers, it is one of the most active accounts and greater variety of news. It is worth noting that they have posted 66,000 tweets since their launch in december, 2008.

@MkDirecto we gain access to a portal with news about strategic wins from companies like IKEA, Canon, Apple… They share information about what companies are up to from the point of view of online communication channels: the brand strategy of Snapchat, new apps, HP’s brand image, and many more that you can check out on their Twitter account.

This Twitter profile (@iSocialMedia_es) is from a startup working on social networks, online marketing, community managers, SEM and SEO.

However, contrary to what we have seen on the other accounts we have looked through, @iSocialMedia_es does not seem to be thought of as an online space for marketing, but somewhere to share interesting thoughts.

This said, we should not underestimate its 316,000 followers. Whether it is indirectly, we can still say that this Twitter account does have a say in what concerns social media on the internet.

Marketing Hoy

Marketing Hoy (@MarketingHoy) is an online magazine about marketing on the internet.

Their Twitter profile, with 180,000 followers, links to the website of the company. Their business is focused on the keys to make the best out of brand promotion via social networks.

They also share articles about interesting marketing campaigns, news from the field (Facebook, Instagram…), as well as tips on how to manage our social media profiles, how to develop an effective e-mail marketing campaign…

Puro Marketing

@PuroMarketing stems from a magazine with the same name. In both the magazine and the Twitter account, it shares news about marketing, advertising, business and social networks. It is 100% Spanish.

The profile displays very varied information. It works side by side with the magazine of the same name. @PuroMarketing saw the light on Twitter on April, 2008, and today it is followed by 378,000 people.

As for the content they share, it relates to tips for marketing a product, future trends in the workplace, live broadcasting of events via social media… As well as recommendations about what to do and not to do to develop a succesful digital marketing strategy.

Tweeter Juan Carlos Mejía

To sign off we share with you Juan Carlos Mejía’s Twitter account (@JuanCMejiaLlano). Given the fact that he has 400,000 followers, we think that we should give him a try and listen to what he has to say about online marketing, are we not right?

This Twitter profile keeps us up to date about branding on social networks (e.g. Facebook) or the different uses of YouTube (Do we use YouTube as a social network or as a tool?). There are also tips to success with your digital marketing strategy.

His recommendations are worth for both individuals and companies. He analyses the different aspects of economy from the point of view of its merge with the Internet and social media in particular. Mejía also gives SEO advice, which means that his account is a very interesting source if you want to become an expert in online marketing.

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