The importance of customer care in social networks

It is increasingly common that companies answer queries or address customer problems through social networks, but there are still many companies that do not offer this service. Whether the reason lies within budget or a lack of knowledge, the truth is that users and customers demand increasingly more that companies offer this service of direct messaging.

The client needs not only to be listened to, but to feel listened by the brand. If we do it well, a happy customer will become a loyal customer that will very likely stay with the company and not find an alternative in the competition.

In the annual report from Accenture “Encuesta sobre el pulso global del consumidor” (in Spanish: Survey about the global situation of the consumer) it is stated that 66% of consumers switch to a competitor as a result of bad client service. Meanwhile, 81% of consumers assured that their providing company could have worked much harder to avoid them going after the competition. This is a very significant information to insist on the importance of providing a good service via social media.

Times have changed, and we are getting ever less used to phoning a company to solve a problem. In fact, an NM Incite study found out that 1 in 3 clients prefer to contact brands via social media. 60% of youngsters prefer social media to solve a problem, as compared to 30% of senior users.

The question is though: How can we deliver a good customer support service using social media? It may seem easy answering users this way, but you need to comply with the following 4 keys to success.

Speed is crucial

The web is quick. Everything is available where, when and how you want it. Therefore, solving a customer’s problem must be done fast, answering as soon as possible to his or her comment or question.

  • Listen and understanding is important

As we said before, customers need to feel listened to by the brand. Therefore, we must always provide an answer, even if it is something obvious or a confirmation. We have to show the customer that the brand listens and cares for him or her.

  • Assume and correct mistakes

If the client complains about a mistake that the brand made, the latter must assume its responsibility and apologize. This will make the client perceive the brand as humane and humble, capable of assuming mistakes.

Effective managing of client support in social networks will for sure put brands on the road to success.

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