The long goodbye of the social network Tuenti

In 2006 the social network Tuenti was born. For a few years it became the most popular network in Spain, outpacing even Facebook.

Four years ago Tuenti began to lose a considerable amount of users, so the company started a new strategy focused on ranking Tuenti as a mobile network. When the company was bought by Telefónica, its main target were the users of its social network.

Today the company admits that the social network Tuenti no longer returns profit. The company says that in 2011 most of its revenue came from advertising in the social network. In 2013 more than 75% of its revenue was cashed as a mobile operator, and nowadays Tuenti only earns money through that channel.

Although its daily activity is close to none, during its heyday Tuenti saw users uploading more than 3 million images every day, with more than 20 million registered users. The end of Tuenti will not be inminent, but it seems that it will be a long goodbye.

Recover your pictures

Tuenti wants to give users the possibility to download all the pictures they uploaded to the social network. Tuenti is about to create Photos Project, an app for users to download all their graphic content compressed in a ZIP file. The users will also have the possibility to make a video with their most popular pictures.

Sebastián Muriel, CEO at Tuenti, said that “this new version of the app will allow us to give back the pictures to the former users of the network, a content that always has been theirs, making it easy for them to download all the pictures. However, users can still share their pictures, chats, etc., because the app as well as are still available for use.”

Tuenti goes after the mobile business

Tuenti will take advantage of their new strategy to make a better promotion of its mobile business solutions. The company will give 50 minutes for free in its VozDigital service (IP calls) to all the users that download this app. The goal is to generate a feeling of nostalgia to get new Tuenti clients.

The company admits that the social network no longer reports profit, so the redesign is part of the new strategies planned for 2016.

Tuenti forecasts to gradually close its social network to focus on the mobile business. The company hopes to treble its number of clients, and it expects to reach a million clients in the next years. Tuenti also plans to expand internationally as a mobile virtual network. It is already present in Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru, among others.

The closing of Tuenti follows other social platforms that halted their business recently, like Messenger and Fotolog.

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