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The #MayThe4thBeWithYou experience on social networks

The day has come. One more year the force is with us in this utmost special date. And like us, many more people who have used social networks to show how excited they are about celebrating May the 4th.


Do you want to know what we have found on social networks? There are a lot of different things. Surely you will enjoy as much as we do!

A young precocious Padawan

This video made us laugh our head off! The Huffington Post Spain shared this video where we can see a toddler recorded by a nanny cam who starts singing in the middle of the night what seems to be the Imperial March.

Is the toddler taking his or her first steps on the dark side? In that case… Surely Darth Vader would be proud of you!

Stronger than ever

Some brands have taken advantage of the surge of Star Wars to promote their products inspired by the already legendary saga. This is what NVIDIA, the graphics card manufacturer, has done.

The Spanish branch of the company brings us a great animation where we can see a customized CPU featuring Yoda, the master. The picture seems to talk for itself: “If a nice graphics card you want, NDIVIA Geforce accompany you can.”


Fnac and the participatory profile

Fnac, the French distribution chain, uses Twitter to promote a raffle where you can win a copy of the last episode by Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

If you are the lucky winner, Fnac will give you a special edition of the movie in a metal case.

To participate, you have to send an email telling what is your favourite episode of the saga and why. If you want to win the first price, let your imagination run free!


Take advantage of wise Yoga’s advices for your brand

Iberdrola, the electric company, did not want stay behind in this special day. To join the flow that #MayThe4thBeWithYou arises every year, Iberdrola shares a message from Yoda himself that we should listen to carefully. “Your focus determines your reality” is how Iberdrola wants to focus on renewable energies.

And you? What is your reality?


Facebook also joins

The official Facebook Star Wars page (in Spanish) reminded us yesterday that today, May the 4th, is a date you cannot miss.

Today they told us to celebrate Star Wars day to share with everybody your favourite memory of the saga. And of course, “May the Force be with you, always”.


Music, maestro!

To finish off, we share with you a version of the renowned Imperial March playing to remind us the presence of the dark side that we so much like.

In this case, some genius decided to program eight hard disks so that their electronic noise composed the famous soundtrack. Our genius is YouTuber MrSolidSnake745, whose profile also features other works where he uses the disks that the rest of us normally use to save digital files.

Among all these we can find, of course, the Imperial March we were talking about. We leave it here for your enjoyment:


How are you going to celebrate this renowned day?

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