The most common mistakes of companies on social networks

Today the majority of companies have presence in social networks, but not all achieve their goals in them. Managing the social networks of a company is no easy task, and many do not invest as much as they should to make a good use of them.

In the following we will explain some of the mistakes to avoid in order to be successful.

Hiring a person without qualifications

The best is that your social networks are managed by a person or a team with knowledge in social networks and communications strategies. This person or team must have a deep knowledge of the corporate culture of the company so that he or she can pass on its values.

It is also important that the person or the team controls and monitors all the information that can affect your field and the actions of the competition.

Be present in every social network

It is important to choose wisely the networks where we want to be present. Make an analysis of which will your company choose, taking into account the field you are in and your target customers. You do not need to be present in every social network, but you must be actively present in those you choose.


Many companies open profiles in social networks just for promoting or presenting a product. This provides them thousands of followers, but when the promotion is over they do not update the profiles ever again. You have to keep the activity going in them, publishing new content, updating the profiles, sharing posts, videos, etc.

If you have thousands of followers but you do not update your social network regularly, you will be wasting an opportunity for your brand to reach thousands of people.

A social network that is not updated delivers a bad image of the company. Perseverance is key on the Internet.

Absence of a digital strategy

Many companies fail to have it. Before you create a social network you must have a clear purpose for it: decide if your goal is to make business, boost your brand, help your clients, etc. Set your goals and try to achieve them.

Do not have the same strategy for all your platforms. Adapt it to the social network, otherwise people will get bored of receiving the same message over and over again.

Using social networks as a sales catalogue

Another mistake is that many companies conceive social networks as a selling point, where they only talk about their products, discounts and promotions. This attitude irritates users, and in the end they give up your brand.

Your content must share information of interest to your followers, but it has to be related in one way or another to your business area. Although the final goal is to sell your product, you have to infer it in your content very subtlety.

Fail to dialogue with users

Remember that a great advantage of social networks is its two-ways nature. Users often resort to social networks to complain about a bad service from a company or to ask doubts. Failing to answer gives a bad image.

What is more, the message of an angry user criticizing the company can become viral and be very harmful for the brand, so the best is to address every complaint as quickly as possible.

Remember that social networks can help you improve the corporate image of your business.


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