Three reasons why buying followers is a bad idea

We all have some idea about what we can and cannot do on social media. However, some brand social profiles are still resorting to buying followers. But this is not just it: there are also websites that offer favourites, retweets or likes to buy. Honestly, we will now tell you why it is not a good idea to be tempted by buying followers.

Why should you never buy followers?

1. Believe us: people realise.

No matter how hard we want to believe that people knows nothing about social media, an average user who is active on social networks can actually tell fake followers from real ones. There is nothing worse than delivering a bad image in face of the clients with such an obvious thing.

Instead of trying to increase the numbers, focus on keeping the followers you already have and give them content that they will want to share with their friends. This is how you will have real followers, and more importantly, loyal followers.

2. Numbers are worth nothing if the content is not good.

We will never get tired of repeating this: content is your most powerful tool. To attract followers you need interesting, funny, catchy and useful publications. It does not matter if you have a lot of followers: if you do not have quality content, interaction will be close to none, and your brand will not progress.

detectar seguidores falsosWork on your texts, check your spelling, choose carefully the pictures or videos, make sure that all the links work… Avoid also automatic feeds, and have a human behind them. An automatic copy that generates when sharing a publication from a web looks very robotic. On the other hand, if the link to the publication includes text you write yourself, you will send an image of closeness to the reader. All these details are crucial for your content to outstand.

3. It makes you lose credibility

“What if my content is good but reaches very few people?”. Be patient, my young padawan. If your content and strategy are good, you will get more and more followers. Rome was not built in a day: you have to work every day and be patient to see the first results.

stormptroopers twitterIf a profile increases its followers ten-fold overnight, or the interaction has suspiciously increased in some publications, users will know that something wrong is going on and that your numbers do not add up. Even if you make quality content, how can they trust a brand that is trying to cheat with the numbers? However true it is that buying followers and interaction neither is illegal nor affects SEO directly, it affects very negatively your brand image.

Now that you know why you should not buy followers… Could you detect fake followers on Twitter?

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