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What is AMP. Pros and cons

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A couple of weeks ago many people in the sector are talking about AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). We have said a lot of times that the loading speed is a factor that affects ranking directly. Search engines prefer to show users pages that can be displayed quickly, but…

What is AMP

AMP is just a method to create web pages with static content that load quickly through a specific HTML and JS as well as Google AMP Caché. This novel form of building sites helps web pages load more quickly, and therefore perform better thanks to several code optimizations. John Mueller says that as for now this technology cannot be considered a variable for ranking, but it may be in the future.

Pros and cons of AMP

Among the pros, we can highlight that by increasing the loading speed, the rebound rate is reduced. What is more, the webs with AMP distribute better in other platforms and apps, and it is open source. However, all that glitters is not gold, and using AMP also presents disadvantages like for instance a limitation in the functionalities, and that AMP’s today are mostly focused on news editors. This accounts for a small adoption rate, so it is not possible to foresee if this will become general.

If you want to learn more about pros and cons of AMP as well as its differences with responsive design, we recommend you to have a look at the Whitepaper we made about AMP. Download it for free! (In Spanish)


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