Why should a company have a blog?

We live in the era of blogs and bloggers. They have thousands of topics and some of them have become famous. Companies hire influential bloggers to promote campaigns, and many companies are starting their own blogs where they post content for their Inbound Marketing strategy and get qualified leads. This is really one of the best ways to reach users within the target of the company.

It helps learn more about the target

Corporate blogs are useful for companies to try new ideas and get feedback. It is also a tool to gauge the target of a company, since it can help us know what people like or know about the company. If you create content in your blog and share it on social media, it will be easier that it goes viral. Users will share your posts, which in turn will reach a larger target.

On the other hand, blogs can generate leads in the long term and make readers familiar with the brand. The blog deals with interesting topics that are outside the field of the company, which is a strategy so that reader identifies the brand with the interesting content it makes. However, we have to make sure that the user does not feel like he or she is being sold a product.

After the user has gained interest, we have to make him or her a regular reader so that he or she will later become part of the “brand community.” At this point the reader becomes a potential client and is willing to receive more information about the brand.

It is important to avoid posting advertising content. We need that the user feels that the brand is offering added-value rather than e.g. just being a refreshments brand or a mobile phone company. Doing this will make users feel familiar to the brand.

The users—future clients—will have the possibility to make comments and ask doubts about the brand, which means that providing answers will make them perceive the brand as close and familiar.

It improves SEO ranking

Managing a corporate blog enforces the SEO strategy of the Brand. A blog that has keywords becomes indexed by the searches as websites, which in turn will help it with the ranking in search engines like Google. Including external links to your web page will help you have a better ranking, which in turn delivers a better web ranking and higher qualified traffic to the company’s web.

A corporate blog helps your brand reach further and attract new users that will later become potential customers.

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