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That your digital in SEO and SEM strategy is unified and coordinated

SEO and SEM should not be seen as opposing or conflicting disciplines. Quite the opposite. At least that’s what we believe here at Internet Republic. Our team works to integrate projects of both types so that, in this way, the brands obtain the greatest possible benefit.

A mixed SEO and SEM strategy provides a global vision of the situation of a website, to understand its strengths and weaknesses and to invest only in advertising campaigns that are strictly necessary.


To what extent is it worth your while to bid on a certain keyword if you currently rank first for it organically thanks to SEO optimizations? Is it really necessary to invest in brand terms in your current situation? How do your competitors affect your visibility on Google?


Our SEO and SEM teams will jointly and hand in hand analyze your case and advise you to make the most of your budget and avoid competing against your own brand.


Our expert SEM consultants will take into account all your needs so that your investment gives the best possible results. We carry out in-depth studies of each brand and its competitors, we carry out continuous monitoring of each campaign and we will inform you in detail of all the steps we take. Oh, and of course, we will take into account your SEO positioning to avoid cannibalising traffic.

We set up campaigns aimed at your «target»

We take care of your brand image in search engines

We help you to understand and interpret statistics

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