Your fans are your best marketers

What do we want?

To give a voice to the strongest influencers for your brand

We want your biggest fans who are already influencers, as well as your employees or collaborators, to have the opportunity to tell your story.


Social Media is the best way to transmit your message and have your content go viral. But you need to give your consumers a sense of confidence. Thanks to our working program with influencers, the people who are most relevant on social media for your sector ( or your own employees ( will be the ones who publicize your content. Your story will be believable because it will be told by real people, people who know your story first hand. And it will be told in their own words but it will still communicate the essence of your message.


Try our service using influencers ( and collaborators or employees ( and watch your fan base grow.

“People share, read and engage more with content when it is surfaced through friends and people they know and trust.”

Malorie Lucich. (Pinterest PR lead)