We want that your team learns with us to be all better.

Our team consists of different professionals specialising in several areas of digital marketing: SEO, SEM, Paid Media, social networks, digital strategy, content marketing, online reputation, influencers, employer branding …


We provide ad-hoc training for your employees, in your offices or in our facilities, in content and SEO, all fully personalised.

If you want your teams to know a little more about the latest trends, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a bespoke training session. You will not be the first, customers like Lowi or Banco Santander have already enjoyed our in-house training programmes.


In addition, we have one of the best Master’s in Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM and web analytics), as well as other related courses.


    Learn how to generate and optimise pages for your website that meet the SEO quality standards and control the progress of your Google optimisation. Choose the best keywords and start to see how your traffic increases.


    Would you like to know how Google Ads works and create your own ad campaigns? We can help you acquire basic knowledge in SEM so that you can invest your budget in the most appropriate way.


    Measure the results of your website as accurately as possible, learn how to configure and measure campaigns or segment your audiences. Our training in Web Analytics will allow you to understand this and many other data.


    Learn how to write content that is attractive and useful for users ... and for search engines. Our team will teach you the keys so that your content triumphs at all levels.

If you want to learn how to develop a Digital Marketing strategy (SEO / SEM) adapted to the needs of each project, perform audits, KW studies, reporting, manage SEO and SEM projects, and master the analytical tools … Do not doubt, sign up! Find out more here.