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Why are Chatbots important?

One of the main keys, for brands today is the direct interaction with the user, since users in the digital context devote most of their time to instant messaging applications, chatbots. This situation makes chatbots the best solution and a turning point to achieve that interaction....

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SEO for your online store with Woocommerce

We have all ventured to create our own website designed to talk about some of the topics that interest us. But at one point we think about how to make that website profitable and we start to create ideas to monetize it. We have several options...

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YouTube SEO

Although many see it as just another social network, YouTube is the second search engine on the Internet, behind Google. So it's not just about publishing content, we have to optimize it to be in the top search positions, just like we do with websites on...

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seo lenguajes de programacion

SEO and Programming Languages

Today, there are many people who still think that SEO isn’t important when creating a website.   But they are mistaken.   SEO must be taken into account from the very beginning, when the idea of ​​creating a web page first arises.   If we take a look back,...

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buscadores raros

The 11 Most Unusual Internet Search Engines

  What’s out there beyond Google? It’s a question that we ‘ve been asking ourselves for centuries (more or less). Today we’ve taken our magnifying glass and we’ve started clicking intensely, like in the hacker movies, to find the most unusual internet search engines. Beyond the...

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