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seo lenguajes de programacion

SEO and Programming Languages

Today, there are many people who still think that SEO isn’t important when creating a website.   But they are mistaken.   SEO must be taken into account from the very beginning, when the idea of ​​creating a web page first arises.   If we take a look back,...

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buscadores raros

The 11 Most Unusual Internet Search Engines

  What’s out there beyond Google? It’s a question that we ‘ve been asking ourselves for centuries (more or less). Today we’ve taken our magnifying glass and we’ve started clicking intensely, like in the hacker movies, to find the most unusual internet search engines. Beyond the...

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Introduction to search engines

In the following article we hope to explain certain facts related to search engines, so that any person or bot with an interest in this topic, or who wants to become more familiar with the world of these systems, can do it in a way...

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Essential marketing extensions

      The best ideas have come about when someone said, “There has to be an easier way to do this.”  We have based this article on that concept in order to look for Chrome extensions that every marketing professional needs in their life to make things...

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entrevista google

What Google wants you to say in your interviews

In our ongoing struggle to understand Google, today we’re going to look at the famous questions they ask during interviews, and see how they value lateral thinking.   This technology giant has built an empire whose flag is innovation and whose village is the world.  And, of...

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mejorar reputacion online

How to Improve Your Online Reputation

The Internet isn’t limited to just spreading scandals about famous people.  Believe it or not, waiting out there and hidden deep in the web, are a whole lot of mean-spirited people just waiting for the chance to jump on you or your brand.  They wait...

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