Generating content is like starting with a blank piece of paper, or from a totally empty .doc page. Times change, technology advances, but the need is the same. In that blank document, we can write anything from a script for an ad to a transmedia strategy. Content is our focus.

At Internet Republic we create stories, videos, experiences, anecdotes, parties, trips … And much more! We are specialists in writing articles with SEO, because we have the best SEO team and editors specialising in medicine, economics, lifestyle, technology or the environment.

The Internet Republic content team creates stories for your blog or website, in text, in infographic or online video. They can update your website and advise you as experts in web analytics about the best content for your brand, as well as detecting trends. They will create an editorial calendar in accordance with the interests of your company, downloading each of the thematic areas that your brand wants to address, always attentive to communicative milestones, to write about the most important and relevant milestones for your business communication strategy.

A creative, original team with technical training, with editors, speakers, video editors, strategists, and specialised in topics as diverse as health or economics, who can optimise for search any text or any title or description in video on YouTube .

With our content you will, in addition to attracting your users (because we are always up to date with trends, and, of course, we write about them), increase your visibility and engagement.