We are a digital marketing agency specialized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Content Marketing


We help your brand to get online visibility, not only attracting your potential customers, but also their loyalty.

We promote positive pages, to remove negative results.

Development and analysis of web pages optimised for Google and UX.

Online reputation, Google TOP 10 ranking, Do you want to be one of them?

Why hire a SEO Agency in Madrid?

At Internet Republic, a Madrid SEO agency specialising in digital marketing, social media and online reputation, we understand that the online brand presence doesn’t depend on unified strategy, but a global one, based on a thorough analysis of the market for the design of actions and the keywords positioning that increase brand visibility. In other words, to find the largest number of customers in the digital environment.

Because now consumers are no longer passive recipients of brand communication. Now, clients themselves proactively seek information, entertainment, services and purchases on websites and blogs. And they want to do it without interruption because they are clear about what they are looking for and where to find it.

Therefore, companies must be where the user is and increase their brand visibility in search engines without invading their space, organically as SEO does and, of course, on mobiles with ASO.

SEO strategy in Madrid

What do we offer?

At Internet Republic, we have a strong, highly specialized senior team that works for major brands, with fully demonstrable success stories which are endorsed by our clients. We carry out customised reports tailored to each company, with fully adapted and 100% flexible reports, which include: Analytic integration and SEO: positions + traffic + conversions.


  • Analytic integration and SEO: positions + traffic + conversions.
  • Monthly frequency.

For this, we use the latest, most up-to-date tools every day in consultancy and brand analysis and its competence, in order to establish brand presence and relevance in search engines, both on websites and blogs. And, if necessary, to consolidate digital marketing strategy, visibility in social networks and responsive content.

Do not doubt, contact us.

SEO  consultants in Madrid

Our SEO consultants will study every factor required for the proper and necessary implementation to rank at the top Google results. Each factor in the algorithm is required if we want to appear in the first page results, for this we emphasise the On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO factors, both internally within the website and externally. Required to boost visibility and build reputation on Google.

We will make Google love you.


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SEO experts in Madrid

You don’t just need a degree to understand SERP behaviour of the search engines, one of them being Google, and other no less important ones such as Yahoo, Bing and other international engines such as Baidu and Yandex.

Being up to date with the changes in the Google algorithm and prioritising the necessary factors, especially those that can affect us the most, Google Panda and Penguin, is a high priority. As a result, we are constantly analysing what happens behind the hidden face of the search engine.