What is SocialPubli?

It is a Social tool which puts companies (Advertisers) in contact with people and channels which are influential in their own environment, “influencers” who are not “celebrities” or “VIP’s”, but instead are friends, family,…. the opinion makers who we “listen to”.


The platform permits brands to create segmented campaigns, seeking maximum affinity. The “influencers” are pleased to be able to transmit a message using their own style and, in addition, they will receive some economic consideration.

What do we do?

We segment the campaigns by affinity/interests, gender, geographic area, and age, which lets you reach the “Target Group” in the most efficient and effective manner.


“Influencers” are selected according to their affinity or interests so they can share the brand’s message in a natural and convincing manner.
SocialPubli has segmented 31 categories.


This segmentation is based on the age of the “influencer”, which means that a large part of their followers will be in the same age range.


This lets us segment campaigns by gender, network and online personas. Often there are profiles which are created as an “online persona” which contributes to and amplifies the brand’s message much faster.

Geographic Region

We can choose the country and the city for the “influencer”, which lets us reach the zone of influence where we want to carry out the campaign.