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About This Project


Initial situation


In November 2015, Vodafone wanted to boost the sales of its low cost mobile operator, Lowi. The main objective was to improve the general positioning of the website in a competitive environment, to guarantee the conversion and increase the client portfolio.


What We Do?

We created a blog based on SEO strategy, defining the editorial calendar and writing the contents.

The selected themes allowed to work the positioning of the company beyond the brand terms, and to place Lowi in the first positions in front of its competitors.

The strategy defined was faithful to the values of the company and with the aim of offering useful content to users, although without losing sight of the commercial purpose of the web.

Through a “mobile first” vision based on AMP, content designed to be consumed efficiently on mobile devices was made.



It has achieved 0 results in Google of searches related to the target users of the brand.

The strategy of the blog is a perfect complement to the transactional web, avoiding the cannibalization of conversion landings.