Pepecar - Internet Republica
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About This Project

What did we do?


  • In 2014, we started working with Pepecar coinciding with the removal of investment in conventional advertising, which is why we had two challenges: Maintaining brand positioning and increasing traffic in a very competitive sector.
  • Our Innovation, SEO and Content Marketing departments worked jointly on creating and implementing a new WEBSITE, as the previous one was obsolete in all aspects.
  • The new design as well as the entire contribution of the SEO team and the generation of appropriate content enabled the new WEBSITE launch at the end of 2015.
  • Pepecar has significantly outperformed in the Spanish market multinationals such as Hertz and Avis in terms of visibility.
  • In relation to terms related to “car rental”, Pepecar has 93.18% of the results (492 of 528) on the first page of Google.