Vodafone - Internet Republica
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About This Project

¿What did we do?


  • We started the Vodafone project in 2008 with low traffic from SEO in relation to other traffic sources. Year by year, SEO traffic increased until it reached 6 times the initial figure by October 2016
  • SEO / SEM integration was made
  • Reducing the SEM budget has enabled the brand to divert the budget to other online advertising formats, without losing the relevant visits from SEM campaigns.
  • We have managed to position very relevant business generic words in the top 5. This has helped Vodafone to be the second Spanish operator in Google, just behind Movistar.
  • SEO visibility of Vodafone has increased noticeably since 2008. It has gone through 4 redesigns and CMS changes without either the traffic or positioning being affected.