Outbound or Inbound Marketing?

In the digital marketing world there are two very different but compatible strategic approaches: inbound and outbound marketing. Each approach deals with the user in a different way, in a less intrusive and more intrusive way.


There is always the eternal doubt as to whether one or the other is better or whether the combination of both is the most effective way to reach the user.


What is inbound marketing?


Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that stands out for its non-intrusive approach and its focus on the customer rather than the product or service. Its main objective is to make users access your website by providing them with valuable content at each stage of the customer journey. 


One of the important points of this strategy is not to be intrusive, as the main objective is to attract the public in a natural way, trying to interact with them so that they come to the website in search of answers, entertainment… in the initial phase of their purchasing process when they identify a need. To do this, it is also important to take into account the audience we are targeting by carrying out a good segmentation, defining the buyer person to know your potential customers, their preferences, who they are, the information they need, their needs…


The most relevant point is the provision of a good content marketing strategy that allows you to approach the target audience effectively and attract them by adapting to different channels and a good SEO strategy, integral parts of this process.


There are different reasons why users may visit your website, whether it is because of a Google search, due to good SEO positioning; because of a blog article they have been attracted to, due to a good content strategy and/or because they have accessed your website thanks to a link through your social networks, due to quality content and interest for users. 


Once users access the website, they should find information that provides them with substantial value in the form of information and/or resources. In this way, you want users to get to know your company better and become valuable and loyal customers for your company.



What is the outbound marketing?


Outbound marketing is a marketing strategy that stands out for being more intrusive, that is, for having a more direct attitude towards users to get them to enter your website. It requires paid advertising, such as banners, ads on social networks, telemarketing, influencers… 


In this case, instead of attracting the public through valuable content, it consists of directly impacting them with an advertising message about your product or service and interrupting them when they have not requested this information. There is no segmentation of the target audience, but instead you identify who has the potential to become a customer and carry out active actions to attract them, with the aim of selling.  


It is true that this type of unidirectional actions in marketing have become a thing of the past, as the advertising bombardment is something that users do not usually like and with which they do not interact.



What are the main differences between inbound and outbound marketing?



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