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How to handle a negative comment in social networks

At this point we do not have to stress how important it is that a Community Manager can properly handle a bad comment in social networks.

It is crucial to solve problems derived from negative comments protecting the brand’s reputation. But how can we tell the limit between a nice and a bad answer? Whether it is a joke, critic, complaint or an insult, the key is to combine common sense, respect and creativity. Sometimes even using a humoristic tone can be very appropriate.

Here are some keys:

What to do?

  • First advice: NEVER take it as something personal. This will help us remain impartial, objective and show empathy.
  • Do some research of the user. Number of followers, frequency and type of tweets… If it is a troll, ignore it. This kind of profiles love “controversy”, if you know what I mean. The more you engage with it, the more the troll will reply and this will make it harder to stop it. If you do not pay attention, the troll will get bored and go for the next victim.
  • Say sorry if you think the situation requires it. Put yourself in his or her shoes and say you are sad about what happened. Be honest, humble and comprehensive in the face of an attack, this is key to reduce the spread.
  • An unhappy client can become a great problem. If it is a complaint, the key is to solve the problem quickly and coherently. The best is to redirect them to the customer service, where they will be able to help him or her. If we seem useful and offer them a quick way to a solution, they will have nothing else to complain about.
  • If instead of a comment it is a series of comments against an activity or some behaviour, you will probably be on the brink of a brand crisis. You have to go after the right team of people and develop a crisis management plan.

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