Obtaining a better engagement in networks with the help of psycology

Cómo se consigue un mayor engagement en redes gracias a la psicología

To obtain a good engagement of our followers on social networks, we need quite a lot of effort. We shall not forget that becoming the best on social networks is not a matter of wizardry, but of following some routines to be the best. It also has a lot to do with psychology.

What is engagement?

In communication, engagement are the strong ties between users and us. Engagement on social networks is the long lasting relationship between followers and the companies.

To reach engagement in our networks, publications have to comply with some strategies such as:

  • Each publication has to feature an attractive image. Without doubt, the visual content of the publications is a great asset to attract the audience.
  • Add hashtags to your publications. Using hashtags increases interaction between the user and the brand. The hashtags have to relate to topics that the audience will like.
  • Promote your articles on social networks and interact with the audience asking for their opinion.
  • Reward loyal customers and create exclusive promotions via social networks.
  • Analyse the audience to learn what is the best time of the day to publish.

In addition to these keys, we can also increase engagement through psychology.

Relationship between psycology and engagement in social networks

Knowing how our audience thinks can help us design a more effective strategy for the social networks of our brand. We have to work with the subconscious mind.

  • People’s instincts are crucial in order for them to act. People want to be informed and be part of the content we are creating. We have to cause a feedback from the users.
  • People like to identify themselves with others, which is why the publications have to be loaded with authenticity and human faces.
  • Emotions also are a strength: surprise and humour play and important role.
  • The audience is looking for entertainment to escape problems and routines.

Do not forget periodicity and the frequency of publication. Not only do we have to emphasize the importance of psychology, but also the best habits that will make us connect with the audience.

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