The importance of influencers

Today, influencers have become crucial for developing marketing campaigns. They are decisive for our strategy, because they connect our company with the digital audience thanks to the trust their followers have on them.

When to use them?

The first thing we have to bear in mind is that followers are not advertisements for our products, but people that can give added value to our brand.

When launching a new product on the market, influencers will be key. Your sales will increase strongly if the audience sees that a person whom they like uses this product.

If you want to create an event, having an influencer will be a very good decision to make. They can be part of the event, which will attract many of his or her followers that want to be there just because the influencer is present. Moreover, we will make its followers keep up-to-date with the event through social networks.

How to work with influencers

Opinions are very important, and just like we trust a relative or a friend when they recommend a brand, we also get biased by what our influencers say or do. If they talk positively about our product, this will help sales increase. Positive comments are crucial.

Women are especially prone to see themselves reflected and influenced by what famous people or bloggers say or do. Many want to imitate them, so if a feminine influencer uses a product or wears certain kinds of clothes, the sales will likely increase.

How to find the perfect influencer?

First of all you need to know what kind of influencer you want, since not anyone can serve your purposes. You have to find one that fits the values of your brand so that you can promote something that his or her followers might like.

Although the task might seem hard, some platforms such as can help us with this. The brands can launch campaign proposals through them, and the influencers will choose whether to take part or not, sending messages on their social network profiles.

Now that you know what they are and how to use them, you just have to hire your influencers to start increasing the sales of your company.

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