Email marketing (I): features, advantages & disadvantages

Some say that email marketing (or e-marketing) is no longer what it was. If you think like that, you are wrong… Very wrong. On the contrary, this method has become one of the most popular and efficient techniques to implement online advertising.

There are different formats for different uses. The most popular comprise newsletters, reminders or isolated emails to promote news, products and services.

eMail marketing has of course many advantages, but it also has some inconveniences. Have you ever thought about this? We have, and we share it with you today.

All the good stuff

The main advantage of performing these marketing strategies through email is its simplicity and efficiency. It is as simple as clicking on a button so that tens, hundreds or thousands of people get the message you choose. We also talk about a service that executes in a matter of seconds, minutes at the most if it is a massive sending. You always have the option to do trial tests before sending the definite email. Oh, that’s a relief.

Another great advantage is its large reach. Although some traditional media like TV or radio can also reach a large audience, eMail marketing also allows filtering it. In exchange for a minimum effort you can reach a worldwide public.

ventajas y desventajas del email marketingThe reach is the same but the quality is better, because we send it only to the clients that have been previously chosen. We could say that it is a relevant audience, real and appropriate, since they themselves have decided to receive these emails.

In addition to being easy and effective, e-marketing campaigns are also cheap. Since the process only requires an address book, the only cost comes from getting that database. To execute de campaigns you need the adequate tools, which although they normally have free-of-charge versions, they expire or are very limited in terms of number of addressees or type of content. Although we recommend the pay versions, they are still very cheap, and allows to access bigger databases in exchange for little investment. Moreover, it works like a communication channel with clients and users, which gives way to engagement.

email marketingThe content of the email can be as detailed as you want. You choose it, and you can customize it to transmit the message to find appropriate. You can attach multimedia and links to enrich the content, make it more attractive and optimise other strengths of the brand (SEO, traffic, etc.). You can also choose the appearance: structure, templates and design.

Let’s now talk about results. A very important and valuable quality of this advertising method is that you can measure it. When implementing an e-marketing campaign, you have the opportunity to obtain results to analyse the effectiveness: percentage of emails opened, clicks, etc. In short: it is very easy to gauge the success.

And what is not as good…

On the other hand, e-Marketing also presents some disadvantages.

In the first place there is the conflict of our friend Spam. We mean the uncontrolled junk emails with advertising purposes that we get so tired of. When a user receives such an email, he or she tends to delete it without even opening it. This rejection motivates users to unsubscribe from email lists or even the brand.

Although in general lines the different email services identify spammers automatically, the user can also do this. How? Choosing some “keywords” for spam in the subject or content, so that they are automatically sent to spam. Then they are either sent to trash or deleted automatically.

Unfortunately, when you make a mistake on an e-marketing campaign there is no turning back. A spelling or content mistake or any other thing wrong that we detect after the email is sent cannot be changed. When you click the button, there is no time to go back. That is how receivers will get it. Pray so that they do not realise… Check it as many times as you need, it is better to be cautious and not regretting it later!


It is important to tell the client that his or her email will be used on email marketing campaigns. Tricky advertising is one of the most damaging aspects of marketing, so try to avoid this. It will damage your image and affect your results negatively.

Would you like to know the best tools to implement email marketing strategies? Stay aware, we will soon tell you.

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