Improve your Social Media strategy with animated GIFs


Do you want to cheer up your activity on social networks? Try with animated GIFs… And you will win.

What are they?

Everybody that uses social media will know GIFs. We are talking about those animated pictures, like mini scenes that play automatically and in a loop to send a message.

There are many kinds of GIFs, which may feature scenes from TV shows, musicals or movies, to the so-called “reaction GIFs.” The latter represent one of the most used categories by both individuals and brands, and they employ them to show an emotional reaction to something in particular.

On June 2014, Twitter included the option to add GIFs on the tweets via iPhone and Android. Since then, brands worldwide have let their imagination run free to make this format a crucial aspect of their social media strategy.

This piece of news below is the perfect example of a successful use of a GIF:

From Hootsuite celebrating this improvement from Twitter:

To claps at the Grammy ceremony:

Why they work so well?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then GIFs must be something from another world!

Users in social networks are becoming more demanding. They want content that is more entertaining, different and funny. GIFs have become one of the most successful content formats for the online audience, and therefore one of the most effective to connect and have interactivity between follower and brand. These are some of the reasons why GIFs are so good:

– They create an interest just for the sake of having a “play” button on them.
– They enhance connectivity between the brand and the audience in a close and funny way.
– They tell a story in just some seconds, and users feel attracted by it.
– GIFs are a sign of creativity: everybody can create his or her own customized GIF.
– GIFs are a funny way to engage in conversation with followers and brands.
– They can go viral, as they are so varied and are so easy to create and share.
– GIFs give way to make questions and provide answers without words.
– They can work as a call to action to launch costless campaigns.
– GIFs add a personal touch to the brand and the customer support.

Where can you find them?

There are many webpages where you can find GIFs. The most frequently used ones are giphy, vaya gif (a Spanish page), gif mania and 9gag. They are for free and are sorted into categories that cover virtually all kinds of GIF you can think of. There is also the possibility to create your own. Your imagination is worth a lot!

Examples of marketing successes via Twitter

Today GIFs are effective online. We will show you some examples of how different brands have used GIFs in some of their marketing strategies:

Desperados used this GIF to entertain the user and connect with him or her:

Or when Telepizza (a Spanish chain of home delivery pizza) goes into partnership with an international and influential TV series to stimulate a certain behaviour:

To expand the brand, as did the American fast food chain Wendy with this original idea, which became viral and received more retweets than the five precedent tweets (without GIFs) together:

When Samsung used this GIF to send information about their new product creating interest and expectation:

Finally, a regular for GIFs. Movistar and their usual references to humour and fun:

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