Common SEO Mistakes

When it comes time to position a web page or a blog, it’s important to pay special attention to your SEO strategy. If you don’t know how, you can end up doing it incorrectly which will influence your positioning and visibility.


If we talk about strategic planning for content, it’s very important to focus on content quality, since this has a positive impact on SEO. But there are many factors to keep in mind for our strategy, since there are many common mistakes which need to be considered when it comes time to implement SEO.


And improving the position of your company on the search engines is a task which requires a lot of consistency, along with the development of numerous other activities which we have to be careful with.


What are these mistakes?


  1. A poorly designed landing page
  2. Slow loading speed and reply time
  3. No sitemap
  4. A disorganized page
  5. Not being optimized for mobile
  6. Not checking compatibility with different search engines
  7. Not having a presence on social media
  8. Not updating old content
  9. An ineffective “outreach” strategy
  10. Uninteresting titles
  11. Not using “alt” labels for images
  12. Not creating attractive content
  13. Unattractive images
  14. Not optimizing shared images on social media
  15. Not replacing broken links
  16. Not “inter-linking”, links to other internal articles
  17. Use of the ineffective “301” redirection
  18. Not doing quality link building
  19. Doing an ineffective search for keywords
  20. Not doing an analysis of the results


So, what to do to improve your SEO?


  1. Write quality content
  2. Use keywords
  3. Optimize the URLs
  4. Personalize the titles and be creative
  5. Be present on social media
  6. Optimize images, give them a name which includes a keyword
  7. Publish on a regular basis, search engines will pay attention to this when it comes time for positioning


So now you know. Don’t forget to apply these SEO keys and you’ll see how the results for your webpage improve and benefit your web positioning. The results of a good job on SEO will not be seen immediately, but be patient. Because if you continue to apply these best practices you will obtain very satisfactory results.


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