Pros and cons of Facebook’s “dislike” button

About 24 hours ago this has become one of the hottest topics on the web: Facebook is working on a “dislike” button and people are getting very nervous. After years asking for it, reactions are now bittersweet. Some make a standing ovation, whereas others remain sceptical and ask whether it is really necessary.

The fact is that people has taken the issue of the “dislike” button very seriously. But stop. Facebook is not letting the evil in so that you start sharing negativity among your friends. The goal is to create a button to show empathy so that those friends who share tragedies on the internet feel supported and not mocked. Let’s be honest… giving a “like” to a friend that is asking for help to find his or her lost cat may rather be black humour.

But, did we really need this button? Cannot we take for granted that a “Like” does not literally mean that what you see makes you happy? Will people use it with the purpose it was conceived? We do not like doing things we have not tried before, so we have decided to evaluate the pros and cons of this new button to put some perspective.


– No need to include comments to specify that you do not want to laugh about someone’s disgrace, but give support: “It is a Like but it is not… You know what I mean, man. Cheer up”.

– You will express your true feelings towards the subject. You cannot change the world, but friends will know how you feel about certain things.

– The button is a new option. It does not do much, but it is something new, which is not very common of Facebook, so let’s not complain.


– Trolls will see an open space to run wild and free. It will be funny to see how many people will now upload 327 pictures of a baptism, plane wings or landscapes from their last trip now that the “dislike” option is available as a backfire.

– Unhappy customers will have more tools to express themselves negatively about a brand, and the latter will have a clearer picture of how users feel so that they now what could negatively affect their reputation.

– People on the internet can be very cruel. Facebook may want to promote empathy, but the button will still say “dislike”, so each person can give it the meaning they want.

Be it as it may, we are anxious for its implementation and see how people use it. It will be mankind’s real baptism of fire. Will trolling run free or will we use this tool responsibly?

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