Cómo gestionar tu personal branding

What is personal branding and how to manage ours

Personal branding is one of the new fields where communication and marketing come forward establishing themselves as key tools to empower our online and offline image with the goal of improving our reputation.

To define more clearly what personal branding is, we will use a definition by expert Andrés Pérez Ortega:

Personal branding is the perception that the environment has of the attributes that make us outstand, differentiate ourselves and be taken into account by those who require our services”.

In other words, we could say that people project their image like a brand does, showing what makes them unique with the objective of empowering our values.

Today, it is common to see that many communication specialists take care of their online image, developing blogs and using social networks all the time. Their main goal is to increase their presence and achieve interesting results for their personal development.

At this point, we should be careful not to mix reputation and personal branding. The main difference between the two is that personal branding is something we can generate ourselves through our publications, appearances on the news, conferences… Reputation, on the other hand, does not depend solely on us; it is the image and the opinion that others have about us.

How to build your personal brand

First of all, before you start building your personal brand you should take some time to think it over. This will be very useful to avoid starting without a clear thought. At this stage we have to analyse what our differentiating factor is, how we will show it and what are the tools that we will use.

personal branding

Next, we have to analyse what we are doing on the social networks, and in case we find some network that we are not using, we would rather close it down. A social network that is not updated regularly gives an impression of abandonment, and this will not enhance our personal brand.

At this point, we have to analyse which channels we will use to create our personal brand. For example, if you want to position yourself as a photographer, you must be present on networks such as Flickr and Pinterest. On the other hand, there will be other social networks which are not as useful for you.

A personal brand is something we have to take care of and enhance almost on a daily basis. The presence in social networks is crucial. Like we said, pick the networks that are comply better with your goals and be active every day.

Of the platforms out there, one of the most useful when building your personal brand is a personal blog. With it you can show all your knowledge about the topic in which you want to excel, and empower your image through it. If you go for a blog, you will first have to plan a strategy and spend some time every week. Bear in mind that a blog has to be updated frequently, so if you are going to start one but you will not update it regularly, you should better not start.

A consolidated personal brand can help you find a job, but this is something we have to work on constantly, not only when looking for a new position.

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