5 online tools to know your position on Google

There is no doubt that the main goal with web ranking is reaching the first positions on search engines. However, it is impossible to know whether a SEO strategy works properly if we do not know beforehand the position and evolution of all the keywords for which a given webpage is being optimized.

The first idea that may cross your mind to find out about your ranking on Google or any other search engine, is using a web browser to search for each and every keyword you have used. However, this method can be problematic, the first reason being how hard it is to check all the SERPs until you find your web. Moreover, results are normally tailored by location or taking into account the web browser’s history, which render this data unreliable.

Fortunately, there are many online tools out there to track hundreds of keywords. We can check their daily ranking and their evolution through time. Tools come in many prices and adapted to the different needs, from paid tools that you can use for a fully geolocated tracking, to free extensions that find the position on the browser.

Here you can see some of these:

Online tools to know your position on Google


This may be one of the most complete online tools you can find. On its most advanced version, ProRank tracks up to 50,000 words a day for an unlimited number of websites. Furthermore, you can perform geolocated searches on both desktop and mobile devices, and it works for many search engines (Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, etc.).

The different plans available depend on the number of keywords to be tracked. Starting from the free plan, that allows only 20 terms and 2 webs, you can go up to the plan enterprise, to track 50,000 terms in any site.


Site: https://proranktracker.com/


Another good option is Wincher. Although it is a bit more basic than the previous one, Wincher is an online tool you can use to track up to 2,500 keywords on 25 different sites. The best thing about this tool is that it is very user-friendly, and prices are progressive, depending on how many sites we use for the tool. It includes daily reports, graphs, and the best thing is that it sends notifications via e-mail when an important flow is detected for some of your keywords.

Prices range from 6 euros for a single webpage and 100 keywords, to 78 euros for 25 sites and 2,500 keywords. As I said before, prices are progressive: two sites and 200 keywords would cost 9 euros (6 euros for the first site + 3 extra euros for each website and 100 keywords we add).Wincher rankeador


Site: https://www.wincher.com/


GeoRanker is a very valuable tool if you are trying to do local SEO with the aim of addressing a company’s products or services to very specifically geolocated markets. The tool uses IP-based technology to track the search terms on more than 2,000 cities around the world.

As for the plans, you have a free plan with which you can perform searches within the top 30 results to a limit of 500 credits, to a business plan to search within the top 100 results up to 120,000 credits. The latter also includes many tracking options, like different search engines and automatic reports.


Site: https://www.georanker.com/


With Rankinity you can check the ranking of any website in real time. Yes, REAL TIME. With this tool, you can check how a change made within a site can affect its ranking immediately. You do not have to wait until the following day to see the result. It also includes multiple search engines and tells you about possible competitors.

Without any doubt, the best think about this tool is the price. They charge per keyword: 50 keywords cost 4.93 $. It is worth trying, don’t you think?


Site: https://rankinity.com/


Serpwoo is more than a mere keywords’ classifying tool. Not only does it show the fluctuations in the ranking of your sites, but it also tracks them within the main 100 pages that are competing for the keyword. You can perform an exhaustive tracking of any change that may arise on the SERP for your target keyword. A very valuable piece of information for an advanced SEO.

It is not as cheap as the previous ones (in fact, prices start on $ 50). If we take into account the great amount of information it provides about competitors, we can really take advantage of Serpwoo.


Site: https://www.serpwoo.com/

Bonus: Fatrank

And for those occasions when we need to check a position quickly but we cannot check search results, Fatrank is an interesting extension that finds the URL and tells you its position.

Fatrank is a Chrome extension that is easy to use and works pretty well. When you add it to our browser, you just have to go to the page for which you want to check the position, enter the keyword and click on “check.” You will know the position of the URL instantly. You can export the results to a CSV file.


Site: http://fatjoe.co/fat-rank/

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